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Heel Protection
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 Adjust-A-Lift Heel Lift BK928649 193589 
 Adjust-A-Lift Heel Lift 

 Adjustable Blanket Support DM2028 183319 
 Adjustable Blanket Support 

 Adjustable Heel-Float  183122 
 Adjustable Heel-Float 

 Air Boot  182135 
 Air Boot 

 Bootie Heel Guards  182391 
 Bootie Heel Guards 

 Cast Boot, Canvas  101675 
 Cast Boot, Canvas 

 Cast Shoe  101754 
 Cast Shoe 

 Convoluted Foam Heel Protectors AL95533 181422 
 Convoluted Foam Heel Protectors 

 Foam Full Foot Elevator  100945 
 Foam Full Foot Elevator 

 Foam Leg Elevator with Scooped Cutouts  193174 
 Foam Leg Elevator with Scooped Cutouts 

 Foot Elevator / Stabilizer  100821 
 Foot Elevator / Stabilizer 

 Foot Pillow FPCU 201 
 Foot Pillow 

 Heel Lift  206 
 Heel Lift 

 Heel Pillow  182652 
 Heel Pillow 

 Heel-Float  202 

 Heel-Float Walker Boot  183126 
 Heel-Float Walker Boot 


 Heels-Off  120199 

 Posey Safeguard Heel Protector P6218 182582 
 Posey Safeguard Heel Protector 

 Premium "Gel" Heel Pillow  182395 
 Premium "Gel" Heel Pillow 

 Premium Heel Guard P6145 182584 
 Premium Heel Guard 

 Quilted Heel Protector  176042 
 Quilted Heel Protector 

 Soft Boot S503160 183130 
 Soft Boot 

 Stay-Put Heel Protector  193671 
 Stay-Put Heel Protector 

 Super Fluffy Quilted Heel Protector  191953 
 Super Fluffy Quilted Heel Protector 

 Traction Premium Heel Guard  182585 
 Traction Premium Heel Guard 

 Ultra-Soft Heel Cushions S503030 120203 
 Ultra-Soft Heel Cushions 

 Velvet Quilted Heel Protector  191959 
 Velvet Quilted Heel Protector 

 Warwick Heel Wedges 2 1/2" BK56071602 193590 
 Warwick Heel Wedges 2 1/2" 

 Zero-G Heel Elevator Pillow  191946 
 Zero-G Heel Elevator Pillow 

 Zero-G Heel Suspension Boot  191941 
 Zero-G Heel Suspension Boot 

 Complete Feet Tall Without Leg Separator  182829 
 Complete Feet Tall Without Leg Separator 

 Single Foot and Heel Support  182820 
 Single Foot and Heel Support 


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