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Hydrogel Ointment/Dressing
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 Carrington CarraGauze Dressing C101015-1 194270 
 Carrington CarraGauze Dressing 

 Carrington Dermal Wound Gel  6507 
 Carrington Dermal Wound Gel 

 Carrington Gel Pad, 4 X 4 C101021 6512 
 Carrington Gel Pad, 4 X 4 

 Carrington Spray Gel C101080 6515 
 Carrington Spray Gel 

 Carrington Wound Dressing  188870 
 Carrington Wound Dressing 

 Curafil Gel, 3 oz. K9252 6529 
 Curafil Gel, 3 oz. 

 Curafil Hydrogel Gauze Dressing  6532 
 Curafil Hydrogel Gauze Dressing 

 Dermagran Hydrophillic Dressing, 4 x 4 DRMGHD4 6516 
 Dermagran Hydrophillic Dressing, 4 x 4 

 Dermagran Spray DRMGRMS 6517 
 Dermagran Spray 

 Gentell Hydrogel Impregnated Gauze Dressing  6522 
 Gentell Hydrogel Impregnated Gauze Dressing 

 HYDROGEL AG 4oz TUBE (SILVER) G11240 205450 

 Hydrogel Ag Saturated Gauze with Silver  205459 
 Hydrogel Ag Saturated Gauze with Silver 

 Hydrogel Gel Tube 4 oz., Gentell  6525 
 Hydrogel Gel Tube 4 oz., Gentell 

 Hydrogel Spray Gel 8oz., Gentell  6519 
 Hydrogel Spray Gel 8oz., Gentell 

 Hypergel Water Based Wound Dressing  194308 
 Hypergel Water Based Wound Dressing 

 Intrasite Gel 15gr PKTS INTRSTGL 6528 
 Intrasite Gel 15gr PKTS 

 Iodoflex Gel Pad Dressing  194208 
 Iodoflex Gel Pad Dressing 

 Solosite Gel 4 X 4 Dressing SLSTDR4 6539 
 Solosite Gel 4 X 4 Dressing 

 Solosite Wound Gel Spray, 7oz. SLST7 6538 
 Solosite Wound Gel Spray, 7oz. 

 Solosite Wound Gel Tube, 3oz SLST3 6537 
 Solosite Wound Gel Tube, 3oz 

 TransiGel  6540 

 Vigilon 4" X 4", Bard B740041 6506 
 Vigilon 4" X 4", Bard 


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