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Wheelchair Parts
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 18” Seat Rail Extension Kit MDSTDSC1818V 182034 
 18” Seat Rail Extension Kit 

 6” Wheel Lock Extensions MDSTDS801 182000 
 6” Wheel Lock Extensions 

 Adj. Rear Anti Tippers for Invacre Tracer SX5 IN1058836 194242 
 Adj. Rear Anti Tippers for Invacre Tracer SX5 

 Adj. Rear Anti-Tipper w/Wheels AF623060 193917 
 Adj. Rear Anti-Tipper w/Wheels 

 Adjustable Anti-Theft Device  182048 
 Adjustable Anti-Theft Device 



 Anti-Tipper w/o Wheels, Chrome  182006 
 Anti-Tipper w/o Wheels, Chrome 

 Back Upholstery CP310544 193919 
 Back Upholstery 

 Forkstem Cap RP165008PK 193923 
 Forkstem Cap 

 Hub Cap RP255106PK 193925 
 Hub Cap 

 Invacare Wheelchair Caster RP265027 193286 
 Invacare Wheelchair Caster 

 Plastic Cap RP235006PK 193924 
 Plastic Cap 

 Pull-To-Lock Wheel Lock Assembly  182036 
 Pull-To-Lock Wheel Lock Assembly 

 Rear Anti-Tipper w/Plugs RP175028 193918 
 Rear Anti-Tipper w/Plugs 

 Rear Anti-Tipper w/Wheels, Black MDSTDS829 182005 
 Rear Anti-Tipper w/Wheels, Black 

 Rear Anti-Tipper with Wheels MDSTDS802 182001 
 Rear Anti-Tipper with Wheels 

 Seat Rail Extension MDSTDS811 182053 
 Seat Rail Extension 

 Seat Rail Extension Kit MDSTDSC1618V 182035 
 Seat Rail Extension Kit 

 Seat Upholstery for Invacare Tracer  188567 
 Seat Upholstery for Invacare Tracer 

 Standard Legrest Pad RP375058 193926 
 Standard Legrest Pad 

 Tinnerman Nuts MDSTDSNUT 182033 
 Tinnerman Nuts 

 Universal Adjustable Rear Anti-Tipper with Wheels MD808 182057 
 Universal Adjustable Rear Anti-Tipper with Wheels 

 Universal Forward Stabilizers MD860 182041 
 Universal Forward Stabilizers 

 Universal Heel Loops MDSTDS831 182047 
 Universal Heel Loops 

 Universal Oxygen “E” Cylinder Holder MDSTDS803 193922 
 Universal Oxygen “E” Cylinder Holder 

 Universal Oxygen “E” Cylinder Holder  182059 
 Universal Oxygen “E” Cylinder Holder 

 Universal Telescoping I.V. Pole  182052 
 Universal Telescoping I.V. Pole 

 Wheel Lock Assembly RP141002 193920 
 Wheel Lock Assembly 

 Wheel Lock Assembly RP241003 193921 
 Wheel Lock Assembly 


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