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Wheelchair Accessories
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 ARM REST, FULL, PADDING AC015458 205493 

 Elevating Arm Support  101914 
 Elevating Arm Support 

 Elevating Arm Support BK646301 101963 
 Elevating Arm Support 

 Elevating Arm Tray Kit BK6461 101943 
 Elevating Arm Tray Kit 

 EZ Open Buddy  101944 
 EZ Open Buddy 

 Flexi Feet Shoe Holders  193902 
 Flexi Feet Shoe Holders 

 Flip Away Half Lap Tray  101992 
 Flip Away Half Lap Tray 

 Flip-Away Armrest w/ Elbow Pad  101960 
 Flip-Away Armrest w/ Elbow Pad 

 Flipaway Armrests.  101952 
 Flipaway Armrests. 

 Folding Drink Holder BK1152 101971 
 Folding Drink Holder 

 Foot Rest / 9000 Topaz INT93HA 120148 
 Foot Rest / 9000 Topaz 

 Four-Point Y-Style Belt BK562258 101976 
 Four-Point Y-Style Belt 

 Gel Armrest Pads  192227 
 Gel Armrest Pads 

 Hatch Leather Palm Push Gloves  188541 
 Hatch Leather Palm Push Gloves 

 J-Hook Drop-Seat  183023 
 J-Hook Drop-Seat 

 Jumbo Padded Lap Tray BK552803 186760 
 Jumbo Padded Lap Tray 

 Lacura Foot and Leg Support with Lift Blocks  192280 
 Lacura Foot and Leg Support with Lift Blocks 

 Leather-Palm Fingerless Gloves  102052 
 Leather-Palm Fingerless Gloves 

 Leg Rest Bumper for Wheelchairs BKA748310 102063 
 Leg Rest Bumper for Wheelchairs 

 Lift-Off Lap Cushion  193886 
 Lift-Off Lap Cushion 

 Modesty Apron NY9540 192028 
 Modesty Apron 

 Molded Foot Support BK552495 102074 
 Molded Foot Support 

 Multi-Axis Offset Headrest Hardware TH50215 193911 
 Multi-Axis Offset Headrest Hardware 

 Multi-Mount Drink Holder BK1155 102075 
 Multi-Mount Drink Holder 

 Non-Flipaway Armrests  102056 
 Non-Flipaway Armrests 

 Nylon Hip Bolster, Lacura  185636 
 Nylon Hip Bolster, Lacura 

 Orthotic Seating System, Posey  182406 
 Orthotic Seating System, Posey 

 Oxygen Cylinder Holder S707027 183027 
 Oxygen Cylinder Holder 

 Oxygen Tank Holders  102076 
 Oxygen Tank Holders 

 Padded Heavy Duty Shoulder Harnesses  192236 
 Padded Heavy Duty Shoulder Harnesses 

 Padded Tray with Compartments BK562267 102090 
 Padded Tray with Compartments 

 Palm Cuff,Push Ease(R) BK614701 102101 
 Palm Cuff,Push Ease(R) 

 Para Push Wheelchair Gloves  120072 
 Para Push Wheelchair Gloves 

 Plastic Molded Lap Tray BK6062 102096 
 Plastic Molded Lap Tray 

 Pommel Wedge Cushion BK6760 102097 
 Pommel Wedge Cushion 

 Posey Drainage Bag Holder P8215V 194328 
 Posey Drainage Bag Holder 

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