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Vitamins & Dietary Supplements
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 Niacin Time Caplets  193467 
 Niacin Time Caplets 

 Nu-Iron 150 NUIRN 193470 
 Nu-Iron 150 

 Softgel Fish Oil (1000mg.) FSHOL1 193063 
 Softgel Fish Oil (1000mg.) 

 Centrum Silver Tabs, 100/Bottle CNTRMS1 3598 
 Centrum Silver Tabs, 100/Bottle 

 Centrum Tabs, 100/Bottle CNTRM1 3597 
 Centrum Tabs, 100/Bottle 

 Centrum Multivitamin Liquid, 8oz.  3599 
 Centrum Multivitamin Liquid, 8oz. 

 Multivitamin  3659 

 Nephro-Vite Tabs, 100/Bottle NPHR1 3631 
 Nephro-Vite Tabs, 100/Bottle 

 Syrvite, 16oz. SRVT16 3610 
 Syrvite, 16oz. 

 Theragran Multivitamin - Generic, 4oz.  3608 
 Theragran Multivitamin - Generic, 4oz. 

 Therapeutic-M w/Lutein (Theragran-m) - Generic, 100/Box TRGRNGM 3609 
 Therapeutic-M w/Lutein (Theragran-m) - Generic, 100/Box 

 Vitamin Bee-Zee (Z-bec) - Generic, 60/Bottle VTC26G 3655 
 Vitamin Bee-Zee (Z-bec) - Generic, 60/Bottle 

 Vitamin Z-Bec, 60/Bottle VTC26 3654 
 Vitamin Z-Bec, 60/Bottle 

 Caltrate w/Vitamin D (600mg.), 60/Bottle CALCD 3617 
 Caltrate w/Vitamin D (600mg.), 60/Bottle 

 Calcium Carbonate (600mg.), 60/Box CALC1 3616 
 Calcium Carbonate (600mg.), 60/Box 

 Calcium Carbonate (648mg) 1000/Bottle CALC610 193437 
 Calcium Carbonate (648mg) 1000/Bottle 

 Calcium Carbonate (1250mg.), 100/Bottle CALC 3615 
 Calcium Carbonate (1250mg.), 100/Bottle 

 Citracal Tablets  3620 
 Citracal Tablets 

 Oyster Shell Tablets  3633 
 Oyster Shell Tablets 

 Ferrous Sulfate  3627 
 Ferrous Sulfate 

 Ferrous Sulfate Liquid FRSFLPT 3601 
 Ferrous Sulfate Liquid 

 Ferrous Gluconate  3626 
 Ferrous Gluconate 

 Niferex Capsules (150mg.), 100/Bottle NFRX 3630 
 Niferex Capsules (150mg.), 100/Bottle 

 Vitron-C Tabs, 60/Bottle VTRNC 3663 
 Vitron-C Tabs, 60/Bottle 

 Folic Acid Supplement  3625 
 Folic Acid Supplement 

 Citrucel Orange, 30oz. CTRCL 3600 
 Citrucel Orange, 30oz. 

 Metamucil - Generic, 14oz. MTMCLG 3606 
 Metamucil - Generic, 14oz. 

 Metamucil Orange - Generic, 13oz. MTMCLGO 3607 
 Metamucil Orange - Generic, 13oz. 

 Metamucil  3602 

 Acidophilus Caps, 100/Bottle ACD1 3613 
 Acidophilus Caps, 100/Bottle 

 Bacid Probiotic Caplets BCD 3614 
 Bacid Probiotic Caplets 

 Vitamin B Complex  3649 
 Vitamin B Complex 

 Vitamin B Complex & B12 VTBC12 193419 
 Vitamin B Complex & B12 

 Vitamin B Complex w/Vitamin C, 100/Bottle VTBC1 3648 
 Vitamin B Complex w/Vitamin C, 100/Bottle 

 Vitamin B1 - Thiamine (100mg.), 100/Bottle VTB1-1 3643 
 Vitamin B1 - Thiamine (100mg.), 100/Bottle 

 Vitamin B1 - Thiamine (50mg.), 100/Bottle VTB5-1 3642 
 Vitamin B1 - Thiamine (50mg.), 100/Bottle 

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