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Cath Tray & Accessories
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 Adjustable Foam Catheter Strap CTSTRP 4869 
 Adjustable Foam Catheter Strap 

 Cath Plugs CTPLG 4868 
 Cath Plugs 

 Cath-Secure Multi-Purpose Tube Holder CTHSCR 192047 
 Cath-Secure Multi-Purpose Tube Holder 

 Central Venous/Hyperal Tray A61228 181667 
 Central Venous/Hyperal Tray 

 Female Cath Kit  25/BX #3538, Davol B3538 4873 
 Female Cath Kit 25/BX #3538, Davol 

 Flexi-Trak Anchoring Device SQ37449 193487 
 Flexi-Trak Anchoring Device 

 Universal Catheter Insertion Tray, 30cc  4867 
 Universal Catheter Insertion Tray, 30cc 

 Urethral Cath Tray W/14fr Cath  4870 
 Urethral Cath Tray W/14fr Cath 

 Urethral Cath Tray W/14fr Red Rubber K75035 4872 
 Urethral Cath Tray W/14fr Red Rubber 

 Urethral Cath Tray W/14fr, Kendall K75030 4871 
 Urethral Cath Tray W/14fr, Kendall 

 Urine Meter Foley Catheter Trays With All-Silicone Foley Catheter B902118 194263 
 Urine Meter Foley Catheter Trays With All-Silicone Foley Catheter 

 Kendall Cath Trays W/O (PVP) - TRAY ONLY  4864 
 Kendall Cath Trays W/O (PVP) - TRAY ONLY 

 Cath Tray 30cc BZK, Kendall K76030 4866 
 Cath Tray 30cc BZK, Kendall 

 Cath Tray 30cc W/O, Kendall K76020 4865 
 Cath Tray 30cc W/O, Kendall 

 Cath Trays 10cc W/O (PVP) CT 4863 
 Cath Trays 10cc W/O (PVP) 


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