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Safety Alarms, Pads/Mats
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 AliMed Bed Sensor Pad  120027 
 AliMed Bed Sensor Pad 

 AliMed Chair Sensor Pad  120026 
 AliMed Chair Sensor Pad 

 Bed Sensor Pads, Redi-Alert  193072 
 Bed Sensor Pads, Redi-Alert 

 Chair-Pro Gel-Foam Pad Alarm S909382 264 
 Chair-Pro Gel-Foam Pad Alarm 

 Floor Mat Alarm GLTL20 263 
 Floor Mat Alarm 

 FloorPro Floor Mat Alarm  182945 
 FloorPro Floor Mat Alarm 

 FloorPro Soft Fall Mat Alarm  182941 
 FloorPro Soft Fall Mat Alarm 

 Gel Foam Alarm Pocket Cushion P7224F 182578 
 Gel Foam Alarm Pocket Cushion 

 KeepSafe Bed Pad Sensor P8307 182357 
 KeepSafe Bed Pad Sensor 

 Keepsafe Chair Pad Sensor P8308 182358 
 Keepsafe Chair Pad Sensor 

 KeepSafe Fall Prevention Monitor P8350 182287 
 KeepSafe Fall Prevention Monitor 

 Pressure Pad  182903 
 Pressure Pad 

 Redi-Alert Chair Sensor Pad EZY400 191022 
 Redi-Alert Chair Sensor Pad 

 Smart Alarm Bed Pad GLTL03P 262 
 Smart Alarm Bed Pad 

 Smart Alarm Chair Pad GLTL04P 261 
 Smart Alarm Chair Pad 

 Under-Mattress Alarm System  182923 
 Under-Mattress Alarm System 

 Exit Alarm Floor Mat Sensor  182289 
 Exit Alarm Floor Mat Sensor 

 ChairPro Sensor Pad Alarm  182909 
 ChairPro Sensor Pad Alarm 

 ChairPro Leveling Pad Alarm S909535 182920 
 ChairPro Leveling Pad Alarm 


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