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Safety Alarms, Monitors
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 Redi-Alert Advanced Alarm Monitor EZY510 192151 
 Redi-Alert Advanced Alarm Monitor 

 Redi-Alert Basic Alarm Monitor EZY500 191065 
 Redi-Alert Basic Alarm Monitor 

 IQ Duo Alarm AL71646C 250 
 IQ Duo Alarm 

 IQ Duo Converter/Transmitter AL72142C 251 
 IQ Duo Converter/Transmitter 

 IQ Mini Pull-Cord Alarm AL72140 182101 
 IQ Mini Pull-Cord Alarm 

 TR2 Patient Alarm AL79990 120099 
 TR2 Patient Alarm 

 Voice Alarm AL2032 182067 
 Voice Alarm 

 Deluxe Bed Sentry Alarm UM91620 182430 
 Deluxe Bed Sentry Alarm 

 Deluxe Chair Sentry Alarm UM91630 182433 
 Deluxe Chair Sentry Alarm 

 Deluxe Pull String Alarm UM91230 182431 
 Deluxe Pull String Alarm 

 Deluxe Voice Sentry Alarm UM91641 182432 
 Deluxe Voice Sentry Alarm 

 Sentry Alarm Sysytem  181497 
 Sentry Alarm Sysytem 

 TamperGuard Bed Alarm  181869 
 TamperGuard Bed Alarm 

 TamperGuard Chair/ Bed Alarm  181866 
 TamperGuard Chair/ Bed Alarm 

 Chair Monitor, Economy, UMP UM91161 191025 
 Chair Monitor, Economy, UMP 

 Informer-Mate Deluxe Monitor UM81791 182901 
 Informer-Mate Deluxe Monitor 

 Informer-Mate Monitor UM81781 182900 
 Informer-Mate Monitor 

 KeepSafe Deluxe  182284 
 KeepSafe Deluxe 

 Safety Reset Alarm Monitor GLTL2100S 255 
 Safety Reset Alarm Monitor 

 Smart Alarm Bed Monitor GLTL03A 259 
 Smart Alarm Bed Monitor 

 Smart Alarm Chair Monitor GLTL04A 258 
 Smart Alarm Chair Monitor 

 Wireless Remote Alarm GLTL2016 256 
 Wireless Remote Alarm 

 Unbreakable Pull String Clip Monitor GLTL2000 254 
 Unbreakable Pull String Clip Monitor 

 UMP TamperGuard Pull String Magnet Alarm UM98000M 181872 
 UMP TamperGuard Pull String Magnet Alarm 

 Econo Pull String Alarm  182949 
 Econo Pull String Alarm 

 Magnetic Pull String Alarm Monitor, Redi-Alert EZY520 192149 
 Magnetic Pull String Alarm Monitor, Redi-Alert 

 Pull String Magnet Clip Monitor GLTL02 253 
 Pull String Magnet Clip Monitor 

 Basic Pull-Pin Alarm AL78125 182100 
 Basic Pull-Pin Alarm 

 Standard Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm AL74836 182102 
 Standard Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm 

 ChairPro Under-Seat Alarm S909369 182918 
 ChairPro Under-Seat Alarm 

 ChairPro Sensor Pad Alarm  182909 
 ChairPro Sensor Pad Alarm 

 ChairPro Leveling Pad Alarm S909535 182920 
 ChairPro Leveling Pad Alarm 

 Central Monitor System  191743 
 Central Monitor System 

 Under-Mattress Sensor  182354 
 Under-Mattress Sensor 


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