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Fall Prevention/Protection
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 "No -Gap" Padded Protectors  246 
 "No -Gap" Padded Protectors 

 Bi-Fold Roll-On Bedside Safety Mats NY9579BV1 188551 
 Bi-Fold Roll-On Bedside Safety Mats 

 BreakAway Lap Cushion With Alarm BKA510915 102051 
 BreakAway Lap Cushion With Alarm 

 FloorPro Soft Fall Mat Alarm  182941 
 FloorPro Soft Fall Mat Alarm 

 Full Head Helmet  192626 
 Full Head Helmet 

 Hard Shell Helmet  183342 
 Hard Shell Helmet 

 Hard Shell Helmet with Face Guard  188555 
 Hard Shell Helmet with Face Guard 

 HipSaver® Nursing Home Fly Front  186861 
 HipSaver® Nursing Home Fly Front 

 Hipster -Standard Brief  249 
 Hipster -Standard Brief 

 Hipster EZ-On Brief High Durability Pads   182367 
 Hipster EZ-On Brief High Durability Pads  

 Hipster Incontinent Brief  182364 
 Hipster Incontinent Brief 

 Padded Side Rails CRDS522 242 
 Padded Side Rails 

 Padded Wedge Guard  243 
 Padded Wedge Guard 

 Roll-On Bedside Mat S911548 183108 
 Roll-On Bedside Mat 

 SafeHip Protector  100055 
 SafeHip Protector 

 Sure-Step Cushioned Bath Mat  182305 
 Sure-Step Cushioned Bath Mat 

 Womans Hipsters   182370 
 Womans Hipsters  

 Beveled Floor Cushion  241 
 Beveled Floor Cushion 

 Folding Floor Mat  240 
 Folding Floor Mat 

 Playmaker Headgear Helmet  195865 
 Playmaker Headgear Helmet 

 Posey Non-Skid Slippers  3983 
 Posey Non-Skid Slippers 


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