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Rehab Room
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 Economy Exercise Mat BK5342 101358 
 Economy Exercise Mat 

 Tri Fold Mat with Handles BK2718 101629 
 Tri Fold Mat with Handles 

 5-Leg Pneumatic Stool  190558 
 5-Leg Pneumatic Stool 

 Activity Table With Cut-Out CL7528C 190818 
 Activity Table With Cut-Out 

 Activity Table With Three-place Cutout, Quarter Round CL7527K 190817 
 Activity Table With Three-place Cutout, Quarter Round 

 Adjustable Height Whirlpool Chair With Wheels  190723 
 Adjustable Height Whirlpool Chair With Wheels 

 Adjustable Rebounder Package IDBAY48 188892 
 Adjustable Rebounder Package 

 Air-Lift Stool HA2113 100081 
 Air-Lift Stool 

 Air-Lift Stool, Foot Controlled HA2133 100084 
 Air-Lift Stool, Foot Controlled 

 AIR-LIFT Stool, Foot Controlled w/ Back Rest H2143 100085 
 AIR-LIFT Stool, Foot Controlled w/ Back Rest 

 Bariatric Foot Stool MD13037-SV 182508 
 Bariatric Foot Stool 

 Cane & Crutch Rack CL5516 190769 
 Cane & Crutch Rack 

 Dome Style Shade Exam Lamp MD13408 182510 
 Dome Style Shade Exam Lamp 

 Double Door Storage Cabinets  182523 
 Double Door Storage Cabinets 

 Economy Air-Lift Stool H2157 100086 
 Economy Air-Lift Stool 

 Exam Lamp w/ Mobile Base MD13408MB 182511 
 Exam Lamp w/ Mobile Base 

 Fitness 120, Exercise Mat BK537349 101391 
 Fitness 120, Exercise Mat 

 Floor Rehab Mats  100095 
 Floor Rehab Mats 

 Foot Operated Pneumatic Stool With Single Armrest CL2145SP 190561 
 Foot Operated Pneumatic Stool With Single Armrest 

 Foot Stool MD130301SV 182507 
 Foot Stool 

 Foot Stool H2000 100079 
 Foot Stool 

 Foot Stool with Handrail MD13031-1SV 101840 
 Foot Stool with Handrail 

 Foot Stool with Safety Handrail HA2030 100080 
 Foot Stool with Safety Handrail 

 Goose Neck Lamp MD13405 182509 
 Goose Neck Lamp 

 High Hydrotherapy Chair H2164 100089 
 High Hydrotherapy Chair 

 Hip Chair CM17100 100062 
 Hip Chair 

 Hip Chair, Metal CM11601 100063 
 Hip Chair, Metal 

 Lamp, Gooseneck H2182 120019 
 Lamp, Gooseneck 

 Lamp, Mobile H2180 100090 
 Lamp, Mobile 

 Low Hydrotherapy Chair H2161 100088 
 Low Hydrotherapy Chair 

 Mobile Mirror CL6222 190718 
 Mobile Mirror 

 Mobile Tri-Panel Mirror CL6223 190720 
 Mobile Tri-Panel Mirror 

 Physical Therapist Stool - Padded Seat MD13032 181874 
 Physical Therapist Stool - Padded Seat 

 Pneumatic Lab Stool H2160 100087 
 Pneumatic Lab Stool 

 Portable Mirror HA1671 100078 
 Portable Mirror 

 Portable Triple Mirror HA1670 182556 
 Portable Triple Mirror 

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