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Range of Motion
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 EZ Read Jamar Goniometer  100401 
 EZ Read Jamar Goniometer 

 Stainless-Steel Finger Goniometers  100389 
 Stainless-Steel Finger Goniometers 

 "Hands-On" Hand Evaluation Kit BK7448 100411 
 "Hands-On" Hand Evaluation Kit 

 7-Piece Digital Hand Evaluation Set CH43103 191338 
 7-Piece Digital Hand Evaluation Set 

 Baseline Digital Hand Dynamometer CH43100 191337 
 Baseline Digital Hand Dynamometer 

 Comfy Goniometer Knee Orthosis  182755 
 Comfy Goniometer Knee Orthosis 

 Digital Smedley Spring Dynamometer, Baseline CM120286 186847 
 Digital Smedley Spring Dynamometer, Baseline 

 Economy Hand Evaluation Kit w/ Dynamometer FEI120103 181451 
 Economy Hand Evaluation Kit w/ Dynamometer 

 Economy Plastic Goniometer  192617 
 Economy Plastic Goniometer 

 Finger Circumference Gauge  191642 
 Finger Circumference Gauge 

 Finger/Toe Goniometer, Sammons Preston  100392 
 Finger/Toe Goniometer, Sammons Preston 

 Functional Reach Measuring Device, Sammons Preston BKA800400 188560 
 Functional Reach Measuring Device, Sammons Preston 

 Stainless Steel Finger Goniometers, Complete  192621 
 Stainless Steel Finger Goniometers, Complete 

 Stainless Steel Goniometers  100396 
 Stainless Steel Goniometers 

 Standard Hand Evaluation Kit w/ Dynamometer CM3169 181452 
 Standard Hand Evaluation Kit w/ Dynamometer 

 Transparent Plastic Goniometers, Sammons Preston  100406 
 Transparent Plastic Goniometers, Sammons Preston 

 Comfy Spring Loaded Goniometer Hand Orthosis  182712 
 Comfy Spring Loaded Goniometer Hand Orthosis 


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