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Durable Medical Equipment    Rehabilitation & Therapy    Platform Mats/Treatment Tables
Platform Mats/Treatment Tables
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 2 In 1 Exam/Treatment Table HA4624 23 
 2 In 1 Exam/Treatment Table 

 3 Section Physical Therapy Table HA6053 182542 
 3 Section Physical Therapy Table 

 Adjustable Backrest HA06 182558 
 Adjustable Backrest 

 All Purpose Choice Treatment Table HA4834 182604 
 All Purpose Choice Treatment Table 

 Bariatric Electric Tilt Table HA6045709 182553 
 Bariatric Electric Tilt Table 

 Bariatric Hi-Lo Treatment Table with Power Backrest  182539 
 Bariatric Hi-Lo Treatment Table with Power Backrest 

 Bariatric Space Saver Platform Mat  20 
 Bariatric Space Saver Platform Mat 

 Bolsters, Wedges & Pillows  190727 
 Bolsters, Wedges & Pillows 

 Cabinet Hi-Line Treatment Table HA4246 182601 
 Cabinet Hi-Line Treatment Table 

 Combination Treatment/Work Table/Desk  182550 
 Combination Treatment/Work Table/Desk 

 Crank Hi-Lo Treatment Table  120022 
 Crank Hi-Lo Treatment Table 

 Deluxe Treatment Table HA4796 182543 
 Deluxe Treatment Table 

 Econo Electric Mat Platform  182530 
 Econo Electric Mat Platform 

 Economy Bariatric Mat Platform  182534 
 Economy Bariatric Mat Platform 

 Economy Steel Treatment Table  190659 
 Economy Steel Treatment Table 

 Electric Hi-Lo Tilt Table HA6056709 182555 
 Electric Hi-Lo Tilt Table 

 Folding Mat Platform, Space Saving  190692 
 Folding Mat Platform, Space Saving 

 Hand Therapy Choice Treatment Table HA4839 182603 
 Hand Therapy Choice Treatment Table 

 Hi-Lo Mat Platform With Hand Crank  190695 
 Hi-Lo Mat Platform With Hand Crank 

 Hydraulic Platform Mat  21 
 Hydraulic Platform Mat 

 Laminate Cast Table CL910638 190679 
 Laminate Cast Table 

 Laminate Mat Platform  190681 
 Laminate Mat Platform 

 Mat Platform With Adjustable Backrest  190689 
 Mat Platform With Adjustable Backrest 

 Paper Dispenser/Cutter HA27 182560 
 Paper Dispenser/Cutter 

 Platform With Removable Mat  190685 
 Platform With Removable Mat 

 Powered Hi-Lo Mat Platform  190699 
 Powered Hi-Lo Mat Platform 

 Powermatic Dual Lift Electric Mat Platform  22 
 Powermatic Dual Lift Electric Mat Platform 

 Slide Shelf HA19 182559 
 Slide Shelf 

 Space-Saver Treatment Table HA4124 120020 
 Space-Saver Treatment Table 

 Special Procedure Treatment Table CL910438 190678 
 Special Procedure Treatment Table 

 Storage Shelf Hi Line Table HA4206 182602 
 Storage Shelf Hi Line Table 

 Table Safety Strap HA04 182557 
 Table Safety Strap 

 Treatment Table with Physical Therapy Storage  190668 
 Treatment Table with Physical Therapy Storage 

 Two-In-One Examination/Treatment Table HA4643 182544 
 Two-In-One Examination/Treatment Table 

 ValueLine Mat Platform  182890 
 ValueLine Mat Platform 

 Wooden Economy Treatment Table  190671 
 Wooden Economy Treatment Table 

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