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Heat/Cold Therapy
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 16” Hot Pack Handling Tongs IDHPT16 190462 
 16” Hot Pack Handling Tongs 

 6 Hook Hot Pack Cover Drying Rack IDHCR6 190460 
 6 Hook Hot Pack Cover Drying Rack 

 6 Hook Hot Pack Cover Drying Rack, Folding IDHCR6F 190461 
 6 Hook Hot Pack Cover Drying Rack, Folding 

 Cold Pack Chilling Units  78 
 Cold Pack Chilling Units 

 ColPac Cold Compress  191225 
 ColPac Cold Compress 

 ColPac Freezer CH90910 191237 
 ColPac Freezer 

 Deluxe Moist Hot Packs, Chattanooga  188787 
 Deluxe Moist Hot Packs, Chattanooga 

 Double Extremity Fluidotherapy Unit CHFLU115D 191239 
 Double Extremity Fluidotherapy Unit 

 Economy Moist Hot Packs  82 
 Economy Moist Hot Packs 

 Hot & Cold Therapy Wraps  192862 
 Hot & Cold Therapy Wraps 

 Hot Pack Service Center  190455 
 Hot Pack Service Center 

 Hot Pack Terrycloth Covers, Chattanooga  185591 
 Hot Pack Terrycloth Covers, Chattanooga 

 Hydrocollator Foam filled Terry Covers  191178 
 Hydrocollator Foam filled Terry Covers 

 Mobile Hot Pack Cart CL8901 190816 
 Mobile Hot Pack Cart 

 Mobile Hot Pack Kiosk CL8903 190815 
 Mobile Hot Pack Kiosk 

 Mobile Hydrocollator Heating Units  70 
 Mobile Hydrocollator Heating Units 

 Moist Heat Pack Cover-Cervical All-Terry  193969 
 Moist Heat Pack Cover-Cervical All-Terry 

 Nylatex Wraps  191211 
 Nylatex Wraps 

 Side Table Rack for heating and chilling units  191186 
 Side Table Rack for heating and chilling units 

 Single Extremity Fluidotherapy Unit CHFLU110D 191238 
 Single Extremity Fluidotherapy Unit 

 Southwest Technologies Elasto-Gell Hot & Cold Therapy Wrap  192532 
 Southwest Technologies Elasto-Gell Hot & Cold Therapy Wrap 

 Stationary Hydrocollator Heating Units  74 
 Stationary Hydrocollator Heating Units 

 Therabeads Microwaveable Moist Heat Therapy System  192525 
 Therabeads Microwaveable Moist Heat Therapy System 

 Therapy Wraps, Elasto-Gel  100497 
 Therapy Wraps, Elasto-Gel 

 TowelRac  190766 

 Universal PVC Rack MJ3DR 185606 
 Universal PVC Rack 

 Vinyl Cold Packs  87 
 Vinyl Cold Packs 

 Wall Mounted Rack for Hotpac Covers CH4016 191190 
 Wall Mounted Rack for Hotpac Covers 

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