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 Reusable Electrodes,V-Trode  100593 
 Reusable Electrodes,V-Trode 

 Adhesive Pre-Gelled Electrode  192184 
 Adhesive Pre-Gelled Electrode 

 Deluxe Dual Channel TENS, Horizontal Design MDAGF3X 182249 
 Deluxe Dual Channel TENS, Horizontal Design 

 Deluxe Reusable Electrodes, Complete  192543 
 Deluxe Reusable Electrodes, Complete 

 Dura-Stick Premium Electrodes: 2" Round CH42171 193075 
 Dura-Stick Premium Electrodes: 2" Round 

 Dura-Stick Supreme Self-Adhesive Electrodes  191278 
 Dura-Stick Supreme Self-Adhesive Electrodes 

 Economy Ultrasound Gel  188776 
 Economy Ultrasound Gel 

 Electrodes for ECG  192209 
 Electrodes for ECG 

 Electrodes, TENS  100586 
 Electrodes, TENS 

 Electrodes, Unipatch        (Blue gel)  100583 
 Electrodes, Unipatch (Blue gel) 

 Electrotherapy Leadwire  180434 
 Electrotherapy Leadwire 

 Intelect Legend XT System  183359 
 Intelect Legend XT System 

 Intelect Tens Digital Portable Electrotherapy CH77712 191277 
 Intelect Tens Digital Portable Electrotherapy 

 Intelect Tens Portable Electrotherapy CH77710 191276 
 Intelect Tens Portable Electrotherapy 

 Intelect Transport Combo  191260 
 Intelect Transport Combo 

 Intelect Transport Light Therapy  191253 
 Intelect Transport Light Therapy 

 Intelect Transport Two Channel Electrotherapy  191270 
 Intelect Transport Two Channel Electrotherapy 

 Intelect Transport Ultrasound  191264 
 Intelect Transport Ultrasound 

 Non-Adhesive Carbon Electrodes  100522 
 Non-Adhesive Carbon Electrodes 

 Reusable Electrodes, Re-ply  100567 
 Reusable Electrodes, Re-ply 

 Trivarion Iontophoresis Electrodes  192152 
 Trivarion Iontophoresis Electrodes 

 UTC Cart CHCART02 191288 
 UTC Cart 


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