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Durable Medical Equipment    Rehabilitation & Therapy    Dexterity & Sensory
Dexterity & Sensory
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 25-Hole Pegboard with Colored Pegs BK5328 101504 
 25-Hole Pegboard with Colored Pegs 

 9-Hole Pegboard BK5309 100382 
 9-Hole Pegboard 

 Baseline Tuning Fork Kit FEI121460 193567 
 Baseline Tuning Fork Kit 

 Box & Block Test BK7531 100383 
 Box & Block Test 

 Classroom Digital Clock & Timer BK555796 100129 
 Classroom Digital Clock & Timer 

 Cubex Mobile Therapy System  182520 
 Cubex Mobile Therapy System 

 Cylinder Pegs BK8183 101645 
 Cylinder Pegs 

 Dressing Cube BK4948 101647 
 Dressing Cube 

 Easy Grip Pegs & Pegbord  176004 
 Easy Grip Pegs & Pegbord 

 Functional Grip Push-Up Blocks BK2657 101425 
 Functional Grip Push-Up Blocks 

 Graded Pegboard BK8180 101655 
 Graded Pegboard 

 Jaw Rehabilitation Program Kit  100155 
 Jaw Rehabilitation Program Kit 

 Jumbo Pegs, Peg Boards & Pattern Cards BK553620 101656 
 Jumbo Pegs, Peg Boards & Pattern Cards 

 Pegboard Square and Round BK920643 101642 
 Pegboard Square and Round 

 Pegboards and Tall Stacker TM Pegs  101649 
 Pegboards and Tall Stacker TM Pegs 

 Plastic Stacking Cones  101458 
 Plastic Stacking Cones 

 PVC Pipe Tree BK5296 101513 
 PVC Pipe Tree 

 Range-of-Reach Exercise Device BK5274 101512 
 Range-of-Reach Exercise Device 

 Rotating Peg Board BK553595 101657 
 Rotating Peg Board 

 Semi-Circular Peg Board BKA4057 101530 
 Semi-Circular Peg Board 

 Small Weighted Blanket  193584 
 Small Weighted Blanket 

 Stereognosis Kit BKA4542 188554 
 Stereognosis Kit 

 Taylor Percussion Hammer BK7470 100413 
 Taylor Percussion Hammer 

 Work Bench BKA4742 101534 
 Work Bench 

 Hand Cones, Sammons Preston  100876 
 Hand Cones, Sammons Preston 


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