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Durable Medical Equipment    Rehabilitation & Therapy    Balance
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 Adjustable Balance Platform CL7360 190717 
 Adjustable Balance Platform 

 AIREX® Balance Pad  186911 
 AIREX® Balance Pad 

 Balance Discs,DynaDisc TM  101354 
 Balance Discs,DynaDisc TM 

 Balance Disk  101505 
 Balance Disk 

 Balance Stones, Cando  183371 
 Balance Stones, Cando 

 Balance Trainer,BOSU TM BKA80799 101332 
 Balance Trainer,BOSU TM 

 BEEP  Board, Sammons Preston BKA852001 101324 
 BEEP Board, Sammons Preston 

 Cando Foam Balance Pads  192076 
 Cando Foam Balance Pads 

 Disc  102186 

 Fitter Classic Wobble Board BK554280 101389 
 Fitter Classic Wobble Board 

 Fitter Combo Board BK925091 101333 
 Fitter Combo Board 

 Fitter Rocker & Wobble Boards  101521 
 Fitter Rocker & Wobble Boards 

 Foam Rocker Board BK553700 192077 
 Foam Rocker Board 

 Foam Therapy Rolls  101392 
 Foam Therapy Rolls 

 Inflatable saddle rolls  186893 
 Inflatable saddle rolls 

 Thera-Band Stability Trainers  192078 
 Thera-Band Stability Trainers 

 Vestibular Balance Boards  192601 
 Vestibular Balance Boards 


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