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Protective & Supportive Garments
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 27 in. Shoe Laces  193264 
 27 in. Shoe Laces 

 Duo-Adjustable Back Support Belt  193218 
 Duo-Adjustable Back Support Belt 

 Flexible Sole Slippers  193194 
 Flexible Sole Slippers 

 Glen Sleeves  182636 
 Glen Sleeves 

 Knee-Length T.E.D. Stocking K4296-1 193272 
 Knee-Length T.E.D. Stocking 

 Lambs Wool Padding LMSWL 193273 
 Lambs Wool Padding 

 Ovasion Pillow PLW2026 193285 
 Ovasion Pillow 

 Pillows PLW 193279 

 Plastic Pillow Covers w/Zipper PLWCVR 193287 
 Plastic Pillow Covers w/Zipper 

 Plastic Shoe Boxes BSB 193209 
 Plastic Shoe Boxes 

 Shoe Polish  193267 
 Shoe Polish 

 Thigh-Length Orthopedic Anti-Embolism Stockings  3990 
 Thigh-Length Orthopedic Anti-Embolism Stockings 

 Adjustable Anti Embolism Stockings  4002 
 Adjustable Anti Embolism Stockings 

 Knee-Length Anti Embolism Stockings  3995 
 Knee-Length Anti Embolism Stockings 

 Elastic Abdominal Binder  4009 
 Elastic Abdominal Binder 

 Athletic Supporter  4005 
 Athletic Supporter 

 Economy Heel & Elbow Protectors  3987 
 Economy Heel & Elbow Protectors 

 Heel & Elbow Protector HO12038 193213 
 Heel & Elbow Protector 

 Pillow Paws Slippers  3974 
 Pillow Paws Slippers 

 Pillow Paws Terries  3978 
 Pillow Paws Terries 

 Posey Non-Skid Slippers  3983 
 Posey Non-Skid Slippers 

 Sheepskin Booties SHPB 3989 
 Sheepskin Booties 


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