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Admission Kits & Receptacles
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 Admission Kit ADMKT 3956 
 Admission Kit 

 Baffle Spill-Proof Male Urinal BK559396 186910 
 Baffle Spill-Proof Male Urinal 

 Bariatric Bedpan: 1200lb Capacity BDPNBAR 193205 
 Bariatric Bedpan: 1200lb Capacity 

 Bed Pan Covers BDPCVR 3964 
 Bed Pan Covers 

 Bedside Utility Bags BDSDUB 193208 
 Bedside Utility Bags 

 Disposable Bed Pan  3967 
 Disposable Bed Pan 

 Disposable Emesis Basin EMBSD 3962 
 Disposable Emesis Basin 

 Disposable Fracture Bed Pan BDPFRD 3965 
 Disposable Fracture Bed Pan 

 Disposable Fracture Bed Pan: Gold BDPFRD-G 3966 
 Disposable Fracture Bed Pan: Gold 

 Disposable Rectangle Wash Basins WSHSQ 3960 
 Disposable Rectangle Wash Basins 

 Disposable Rectangle Wash Basins: Gold WSHSQ-G 3961 
 Disposable Rectangle Wash Basins: Gold 

 Disposable Wash Basins WSHBSD 3958 
 Disposable Wash Basins 

 Disposable Wash Basins: Gold WSHBSD-G 3959 
 Disposable Wash Basins: Gold 

 Female Urinal, Graduated FMURNLD 192069 
 Female Urinal, Graduated 

 Plastic Graduated Measure GRMSR 3969 
 Plastic Graduated Measure 

 Pontoon Bed Pan BDPNPT 193206 
 Pontoon Bed Pan 

 Space Saver Dispenser  GJ2130 194291 
 Space Saver Dispenser  

 Special Mauve Admission Kit ADMKT-R 3957 
 Special Mauve Admission Kit 

 Specimen Container, (Specimen Hat) NUNCP 3972 
 Specimen Container, (Specimen Hat) 

 Stainless Steel Bed Pan BDPNSS 193207 
 Stainless Steel Bed Pan 

 Sterile Specimen Containers SPCTS 3970 
 Sterile Specimen Containers 

 Urinals, Disposable URNLD 3971 
 Urinals, Disposable 



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