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Orthopedic Stockinette

Orthopedic Stockinette is a 100% cotton tubular that rolls to help prevent chafing and keep affected areas clean. Orthopedic Stockinette is for use under casts or over dressings or with cervical collars and orthopedic appliances.


  • Ideal for under a cast
  • Soft, knitted cotton
  • Dispensing box
Orthopedic Stockinette
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Item Code Product Case Pack Price Quantity  
STKNT10 Stockinette 10" 25FT/R Please Call
STKNT2 Stockinette 2" RL  Login For Price 
STKNT3 Stockinette 3" RL  Login For Price 
STKNT4 Stockinette 4" RL  Login For Price 
STKNT5 Stockinette 5" RL Please Call
STKNT6 Stockinette 6" 25FT/R  Login For Price 
STKNT8 Stockinette 8" RL  Login For Price 
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