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Resident Transfer
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 Commode Transfer Board  100458 
 Commode Transfer Board 

 Transfer Board with Notches BK6112 100485 
 Transfer Board with Notches 

 Bariatric Gurney G1190 193893 
 Bariatric Gurney 

 Bariatric Transfer Board  194216 
 Bariatric Transfer Board 

 Beasy Transfer Boards  192352 
 Beasy Transfer Boards 

 BeasyTrans Easy Transfer System, Sammons Preston  100430 
 BeasyTrans Easy Transfer System, Sammons Preston 

 Easy-Fold Wheeled Stretcher JSA-602 193825 
 Easy-Fold Wheeled Stretcher 

 Easy-Fold Wheeled Stretcher Kit  193826 
 Easy-Fold Wheeled Stretcher Kit 

 Economy Transfer Board with Slots  100482 
 Economy Transfer Board with Slots 

 Extra-Long Transfer Boards  193812 
 Extra-Long Transfer Boards 

 Heavy Duty Plastic seat Transfer Bench IN98071 194154 
 Heavy Duty Plastic seat Transfer Bench 

 Plastic Transfer Board CM1160 192351 
 Plastic Transfer Board 

 SafetySure Mobility Sheet  193890 
 SafetySure Mobility Sheet 

 SafetySure Transfer Slide  193816 
 SafetySure Transfer Slide 

 SafetySure Transfer Sling CM11614 193815 
 SafetySure Transfer Sling 

 Skil-Care Transfer Pad BK552859 191104 
 Skil-Care Transfer Pad 

 Super Transfer Sling  183131 
 Super Transfer Sling 

 Transfer Board,HI-D TM  100423 
 Transfer Board,HI-D TM 

 Transfer Disc  191019 
 Transfer Disc 

 Wood Transfer Boards  192347 
 Wood Transfer Boards 

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