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Diagnostic Instruments
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 Culturettes CLTRT 193327 

 Curette Disposable Flex Loop CRTD 193325 
 Curette Disposable Flex Loop 

 MILTEX Sterile Disposable Dermal Curette, 5mm CRTDM5 193326 
 MILTEX Sterile Disposable Dermal Curette, 5mm 

 Mobile Aneroid w/Adult Cuff (Baum) B1150 193328 
 Mobile Aneroid w/Adult Cuff (Baum) 

 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Kit OMHEM7110DLX 5037 
 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Kit 

 Blood Pressure Inflation Systems (Baum)  5038 
 Blood Pressure Inflation Systems (Baum) 

 Pocket Aneroid Sphygmomanometer  5055 
 Pocket Aneroid Sphygmomanometer 

 Sphyg. Parts & Accessories (Baum)  5043 
 Sphyg. Parts & Accessories (Baum) 

 Stethoscope STTH 5062 

 Teaching Stethoscope STTHT 5065 
 Teaching Stethoscope 

 Stethoscope Sprague-Rappaport M4021 5064 
 Stethoscope Sprague-Rappaport 

 Stethoscope with Dual Heads STTH2 5063 
 Stethoscope with Dual Heads 

 2.5v Diagnostic Otoscope w/Specula (Welch Allyn) WA24031 5066 
 2.5v Diagnostic Otoscope w/Specula (Welch Allyn) 

 Welch Allyn Otoscope Parts & Accessories  5069 
 Welch Allyn Otoscope Parts & Accessories 

 Pocket Otoscope Set, Economy G12-1227-1 5068 
 Pocket Otoscope Set, Economy 

 Otoscope Set 3.5v w/Case WA25070 5067 
 Otoscope Set 3.5v w/Case 

 Mercury Spill Kit SPLKTM 5061 
 Mercury Spill Kit 


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