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Hollister Drainage Pouch, Convex Karaya 5 Porous Cloth Tape, Trasnparent
Hollister Drainage Pouch, Karaya 5 Porous Cloth Tape

Karaya 5 is a natural skin barrier that is particularly well suited for sensitive skin. It has a mildly acidic pH (4.5 - 5.0) that helps maintain the skin"s natural protection against bacterial growth and irritation. Cloth tape borders provide additional security to the attachment of the one-piece pouch or two-piece skin barrier to the skin. This proprietary adhesive is gentle to the skin for enhanced comfort.

Belt tabs are integral to either a two-piece or one-piece pouch and permit easy attachment of a belt to the pouch for additional security. Skin protected from stomal discharge by Karaya 5 seal ring; natural Karaya offers flexibility, shallow convexity and is bacteriostatic.

HOLLISTER Hollister  Drainage Pouch, Convex Karaya 5 Porous Cloth Tape, Trasnparent
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Item Code Product Case Pack Price Quantity  
HO3603 HOLL. 3603 Drain Pouch Karaya 5 w/tape Size 1-1/2in. 10/BX  Login For Price 
HO3604 HOLL. 3604 Drain Pouch Karaya 5 w/tape Size 2in. 10/BX  Login For Price 
HO3605 HOLL. 3605 Drain Pouch Karaya 5 with/tape Size 2-1/2in. 10/BX Please Call
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