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Half Leg Compression Therapy Garments

Half Leg Compression Therapy Garments

Edema, inflammation and swelling can make treatment of the underlying injury or condition difficult. Compression therapy garments and devices break up pockets of fluid for decreased pain and more rapid healing.

Made of strong, lightweight, nylon-reinforced, washable polyurethane, these garments feature a flexi-walled inflation socket and connector that assures secure hose retention and prevents air shut-off even if the hose is kinked or flattened. Garment extenders are available from 3” to 6” wide for all garments.
CHATTANOOGA Half Leg Compression Therapy Garments
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Item Code Product Case Pack Price Quantity  
CH43017 Single Chamber – Half Leg 20” EA Please Call
CH43036 3 Chamber – Half Leg 20” EA Please Call
CH43128 3 Chamber Expander – Half Leg EA Please Call
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