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Gauze Sponge,Drainage
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 Lo Profile Foam 4" Circular Split Drain Dressing G14410 205452 
 Lo Profile Foam 4" Circular Split Drain Dressing 

 Versalon Non-Woven All-Purpose Sponges  194322 
 Versalon Non-Woven All-Purpose Sponges 

 Drain Sponges  181481 
 Drain Sponges 

 Kerlix Super Sponges: 6 x 6¾ K2585 2237 
 Kerlix Super Sponges: 6 x 6¾ 

 Kerlix Antimicrobial Dressing: 6 x 6¾ K6660 193303 
 Kerlix Antimicrobial Dressing: 6 x 6¾ 

 Kerlix Gauze Sponge: 8x4 K2835 193307 
 Kerlix Gauze Sponge: 8x4 

 Telfa Island Dressing (Generic)  2247 
 Telfa Island Dressing (Generic) 

 Telfa Island Dressing (Kendall)  2241 
 Telfa Island Dressing (Kendall) 

 Curity Gauze: 4x4 K2533 193305 
 Curity Gauze: 4x4 


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