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Stationary Bicycles & Steppers
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 Colorado Sport Cycle SAF1 14 
 Colorado Sport Cycle 

 Epic 420 Recumbent Bike IEPX4905 13 
 Epic 420 Recumbent Bike 

 Saratoga Limited Grasp Handgrips SAF12 16 
 Saratoga Limited Grasp Handgrips 

 Saratoga Standard Handgrips SAF11 17 
 Saratoga Standard Handgrips 

 SciFit Recumbent Bike SCISO7000R 10 
 SciFit Recumbent Bike 

 Deluxe Exerciser CH18010 191335 
 Deluxe Exerciser 

 Economy Pedal Exerciser MD10270 4020 
 Economy Pedal Exerciser 

 Hudson RE-3300 Semi-Recumbent Cycle BK553941 4019 
 Hudson RE-3300 Semi-Recumbent Cycle 

 ISO1000R Recumbent Bike SCISO1011R 192057 
 ISO1000R Recumbent Bike 

 Magneciser CH18030 191334 

 Mini Stepper Exerciser  120114 
 Mini Stepper Exerciser 

 Monark Compact Rehab Trainer CM871E 192600 
 Monark Compact Rehab Trainer 

 Pedlar Pedal Exerciser BK5252 191708 
 Pedlar Pedal Exerciser 

 PRO1 Adjustable Upper Body Exerciser  192054 
 PRO1 Adjustable Upper Body Exerciser 

 PRO2 Total Body Exerciser SCPROII 12 
 PRO2 Total Body Exerciser 

 Resistive Pedal Exerciser BK925110 4021 
 Resistive Pedal Exerciser 

 Restorator III Clinic Model  100418 
 Restorator III Clinic Model 

 RST7000 Recumbent Stepper  11 
 RST7000 Recumbent Stepper 

 Spirit 690 Selectable Arm & Leg Cycle SAF7 15 
 Spirit 690 Selectable Arm & Leg Cycle 

 TC1000 Climber SCTC1000 192058 
 TC1000 Climber 

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