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Cups & Mugs
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 Plastic Nosey Cup  100011 
 Plastic Nosey Cup 

 Nosey Cup, Parsons BK1140 188648 
 Nosey Cup, Parsons 

 Soft Nosey Cup, CM10672 188725 
 Soft Nosey Cup, 

 Two Handle Nosey Cup, Providence PSC60 188487 
 Two Handle Nosey Cup, Providence 

 Doidy-Children’s Nosey Cup, Sammons Preston BK920385 188477 
 Doidy-Children’s Nosey Cup, Sammons Preston 

 Dysphagia Cup  100048 
 Dysphagia Cup 

 Arthro Thumbs-Up Cup  100036 
 Arthro Thumbs-Up Cup 

 Clear Caring Mug BKAA5710 100337 
 Clear Caring Mug 

 Transparent Mug with Two Handles, Sammons Preston  120205 
 Transparent Mug with Two Handles, Sammons Preston 

 Mug with Two Handles (Weighted and Non-weighted ), Parsons  188649 
 Mug with Two Handles (Weighted and Non-weighted ), Parsons 

 Two Handled Mugs, Sammons Preston  102145 
 Two Handled Mugs, Sammons Preston 

 Dual handle HandyCup F745930007 100327 
 Dual handle HandyCup 

 Insulated Mug, Sammons Preston BK1121 186871 
 Insulated Mug, Sammons Preston 

 Insulated Mug with Lid, Parsons  188657 
 Insulated Mug with Lid, Parsons 

 Insulated Plastic Cup with No-Spill Lid, Kinsman  100012 
 Insulated Plastic Cup with No-Spill Lid, Kinsman 

 Insulated Mug with Lid 12oz , Sammons Preston BK1137 186868 
 Insulated Mug with Lid 12oz , Sammons Preston 

 Insulated Bowl, Cup & Mug (Weighted and non-weighted)  188520 
 Insulated Bowl, Cup & Mug (Weighted and non-weighted) 

 Flo Trol Cup  100037 
 Flo Trol Cup 

 Flo-Trol Vacuum Feeding Cup  190644 
 Flo-Trol Vacuum Feeding Cup 

 Regulating Drinking Cups  100051 
 Regulating Drinking Cups 

 Kennedy Cup  100373 
 Kennedy Cup 

 Long Spout Feeding Cup  188468 
 Long Spout Feeding Cup 

 Halo Cup F745940025 100326 
 Halo Cup 

 No-Tip Cup Keeper F745440000 190510 
 No-Tip Cup Keeper 

 No-Tip Weighted Base Cup BK557143 100341 
 No-Tip Weighted Base Cup 

 Plastic Handle Mug, Kinsman KI16017 100016 
 Plastic Handle Mug, Kinsman 

 Plastic Mugs with Lids, Parsons  181390 
 Plastic Mugs with Lids, Parsons 

 Drinking Aid with Flow Regulator  190511 
 Drinking Aid with Flow Regulator 

 People Feeder  190514 
 People Feeder 

 Bedside Beverage Holder F745760002 100103 
 Bedside Beverage Holder 

 Independence Drinkware w/Interchangeable Flow Lids PSC5403 193173 
 Independence Drinkware w/Interchangeable Flow Lids 

 Anti-Splash Lids BK145402 176060 
 Anti-Splash Lids 

 No-Spill Spout Lid KI16037 100013 
 No-Spill Spout Lid 

 Independence Drinkware with Interchangeable Spouted Lids BK145401 120129 
 Independence Drinkware with Interchangeable Spouted Lids 

 Snorkel Lids  186872 
 Snorkel Lids 

 Reusable Drinking Straws  190959 
 Reusable Drinking Straws 

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