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Wound Prevention Cushions
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 Air Chamber/Cell Cushion-Medium Height  165 
 Air Chamber/Cell Cushion-Medium Height 

 Air Chamber/Cell Cushion-Short Height  159 
 Air Chamber/Cell Cushion-Short Height 

 Air Chamber/Cell Cushion-Standard Height  171 
 Air Chamber/Cell Cushion-Standard Height 

 Air Cushion  182967 
 Air Cushion 

 Convoluted Foam & Gel Wheelchair Cushion  191969 
 Convoluted Foam & Gel Wheelchair Cushion 

 Enhancer Dry Flotation Cushion, Roho  191927 
 Enhancer Dry Flotation Cushion, Roho 

 Infinity Gentle Contour AirFlo 20" x 18" INIGCAIR2018 192062 
 Infinity Gentle Contour AirFlo 20" x 18" 

 Mosaic Cushion, Roho  188855 
 Mosaic Cushion, Roho 

 Multi-Blader Air Cushion  186907 
 Multi-Blader Air Cushion 

 Star Galaxy Cushion  192144 
 Star Galaxy Cushion 

 High Profile and Low Profile Cushion, Roho  178 
 High Profile and Low Profile Cushion, Roho 

 Quadtro Select, Roho  177 
 Quadtro Select, Roho 

 Low Profile Single Compartment, Roho  179 
 Low Profile Single Compartment, Roho 

 Amara 250 Skin Protecting/Positioning Cushion  185 
 Amara 250 Skin Protecting/Positioning Cushion 


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