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Bed Wedges & Rail Pads
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 30° Positioning Wedge S554025 183110 
 30° Positioning Wedge 

 Bed Wedge BW-475 197 
 Bed Wedge 

 Elevating Bed Wedge  183111 
 Elevating Bed Wedge 

 Body Aligner Wedge CR28108 192195 
 Body Aligner Wedge 

 Foot Elevator Wedge CM11810A 199 
 Foot Elevator Wedge 

 Ortho Leg Elevator Wedge LW-100 198 
 Ortho Leg Elevator Wedge 

 Horseshoe Wedges P5730 182304 
 Horseshoe Wedges 

 Economy Bed Rail Pads  182250 
 Economy Bed Rail Pads 

 Cushion-Top Vinyl Bed Rail Pads  183098 
 Cushion-Top Vinyl Bed Rail Pads 

 Elastic Mesh Side Rail Protectors  182293 
 Elastic Mesh Side Rail Protectors 

 Soft Wedge Rails  182331 
 Soft Wedge Rails 

 Roll Control Bolsters  193552 
 Roll Control Bolsters 

 Vinyl Bed Rail Pads  183092 
 Vinyl Bed Rail Pads 

 Split-Rail Vinyl Bed Rail Pads S401080 183107 
 Split-Rail Vinyl Bed Rail Pads 

 Thru-View Vinyl Bed Rail Pads  183102 
 Thru-View Vinyl Bed Rail Pads 

 Anti-Roll Guards  182296 
 Anti-Roll Guards 

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