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Specialty Cushions
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 Airlite Cushion ROAL1816B 194194 
 Airlite Cushion 

 Ehob Waffle Original Seat Cushion EH200WCI 194162 
 Ehob Waffle Original Seat Cushion 

 Adjuster Cushion with Vicair Technology  182781 
 Adjuster Cushion with Vicair Technology 

 Liberty Cushion with Vicair Technology  182787 
 Liberty Cushion with Vicair Technology 

 Tush Cush Orthopedic Cushion BK6742 101170 
 Tush Cush Orthopedic Cushion 

 Anti-Thrust Cushion  101874 
 Anti-Thrust Cushion 

 Anti-Thrust Cushion with Contoured Base  182961 
 Anti-Thrust Cushion with Contoured Base 

 Contoured Foam Cushion BK676501 101913 
 Contoured Foam Cushion 

 Contour Cushion  182975 
 Contour Cushion 

 ContourPlus Cushion  182979 
 ContourPlus Cushion 

 Economy Wedge Cushion  183312 
 Economy Wedge Cushion 

 Deluxe Wedge Gel Foam Cushions  182350 
 Deluxe Wedge Gel Foam Cushions 

 Foam Wheelchair Wedge  182996 
 Foam Wheelchair Wedge 

 Lacura Premium Wedge Cushion  102032 
 Lacura Premium Wedge Cushion 

 Saddle Zero Elevation Seat Cushion  182767 
 Saddle Zero Elevation Seat Cushion 

 Slide-Guard Cushion  182982 
 Slide-Guard Cushion 

 Support Pro Zero Elevation Seat Cushion  182774 
 Support Pro Zero Elevation Seat Cushion 

 Wedge Cushion  101940 
 Wedge Cushion 

 Pommel Cushion/Wedge  102015 
 Pommel Cushion/Wedge 

 Wedge Foam Pommel Cushions  182377 
 Wedge Foam Pommel Cushions 

 Amputee Cushion  101861 
 Amputee Cushion 

 Amputee Cushion, Deluxe  101851 
 Amputee Cushion, Deluxe 

 Low Profile Amputee Seat  188259 
 Low Profile Amputee Seat 

 Saddle AMP Amputee Support Cushion  182809 
 Saddle AMP Amputee Support Cushion 

 Gel-Foam Pad with Coccyx Cutout  182960 
 Gel-Foam Pad with Coccyx Cutout 

 M2 Pressure Relieving Coccyx Cushion  181906 
 M2 Pressure Relieving Coccyx Cushion 

 Sit-Straight Coccyx Relief Cushion  182112 
 Sit-Straight Coccyx Relief Cushion 

 Coccyx Seat Cushion  101910 
 Coccyx Seat Cushion 

 Coccyx Cushion, Mason MA8040CUS 191315 
 Coccyx Cushion, Mason 

 Foam Cushions W/Coccyx  Cut-Out  182342 
 Foam Cushions W/Coccyx Cut-Out 

 Bariatric Gel Foam Cushions  186761 
 Bariatric Gel Foam Cushions 

 Bariatric Tri-Foam Cushion  181373 
 Bariatric Tri-Foam Cushion 

 SupportPro 7 Series Bariatric Cushions  192128 
 SupportPro 7 Series Bariatric Cushions 

 Saddle 7 Series Bariatric Cushion  182791 
 Saddle 7 Series Bariatric Cushion 

 ABS Rigid Seat Insert  182798 
 ABS Rigid Seat Insert 

 Up-Lift Seat Assist  192344 
 Up-Lift Seat Assist 

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