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Gel Cushions
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 Economy Gel-Foam Cushions  182336 
 Economy Gel-Foam Cushions 

 Econo-Gel Pad  182955 
 Econo-Gel Pad 

 Gel Foam Pad S751011 184 
 Gel Foam Pad 

 4 Chamber Gel Cushion  180 
 4 Chamber Gel Cushion 

 Apex Gel Cushion  191973 
 Apex Gel Cushion 

 APEX Wedge Gel Cushion  191998 
 APEX Wedge Gel Cushion 

 Convo-Gel Cushion  190970 
 Convo-Gel Cushion 

 Convo-Gel Cushion, Bariatric  190981 
 Convo-Gel Cushion, Bariatric 

 Amara 250 Skin Protecting/Positioning Cushion  185 
 Amara 250 Skin Protecting/Positioning Cushion 

 Gel-U-Seat Cushion  190928 
 Gel-U-Seat Cushion 

 Gel-U-Seat Cushion, Bariatric  190939 
 Gel-U-Seat Cushion, Bariatric 

 Premium Cushion, Lacura  102025 
 Premium Cushion, Lacura 

 Q-Gel Cushion, Lacura  102040 
 Q-Gel Cushion, Lacura 

 Sittin’ Pretty Econo-Gel Pad  183004 
 Sittin’ Pretty Econo-Gel Pad 

 Sittin’ Pretty Starry Night Gel-Foam Pad  183001 
 Sittin’ Pretty Starry Night Gel-Foam Pad 

 T-Gel Plus Wheelchair Cushions  182108 
 T-Gel Plus Wheelchair Cushions 

 T-Gel Wheelchair Cushion  181368 
 T-Gel Wheelchair Cushion 

 Thin-Line EconoGel Cushion  183009 
 Thin-Line EconoGel Cushion 

 Thin-Line Gel-Foam Cushion  183014 
 Thin-Line Gel-Foam Cushion 

 Thin-Line Position-Plus Cushion  183019 
 Thin-Line Position-Plus Cushion 

 Thin-Line Ultra Cushion S754340 183018 
 Thin-Line Ultra Cushion 

 Ultra Thin Gel Foam Cushion  188241 
 Ultra Thin Gel Foam Cushion 


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