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Comfyprene Elbow Orthosis
Comfyprene Elbow Orthosis

The splint has all the features of the Comfy elbow orthosis and is made using the new slim profile Comfyprene material. It provides excellent support for flaccid or weak extremities and can be adjusted for a specific ROM. It can also be used to provide a gradual extension of an elbow contracture.
LENJOY Comfyprene Elbow Orthosis
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Item Code Product Case Pack Price Quantity  
LEE101CPA-DB Elbow Orthosis - Adult - Dark Blue EA Please Call
LEE101CPA-P Elbow Orthosis - Adult - Purple EA Please Call
LEE101CPAS-DB Elbow Orthosis - Adult Small - Dark Blue EA Please Call
LEE101CPAS-P Elbow Orthosis - Adult Small - Purple EA Please Call
LEE101CPPL-DB Elbow Orthosis - Pediatric Large - Dark Blue EA Please Call
LEE101CPPL-P Elbow Orthosis - Pediatric Large - Purple EA Please Call
LEE101CPPM-DB Elbow Orthosis - Pediatric Medium - Dark Blue EA Please Call
LEE101CPPM-P Elbow Orthosis - Pediatric Medium - Purple EA Please Call
LEE101CPPS-DB Elbow Orthosis - Pediatric Small - Dark Blue EA Please Call
LEE101CPPS-P Elbow Orthosis - Pediatric Small - Purple EA Please Call
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