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Bed Accessories
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 Assist Bar for Arro Bed, Invacare IHARBAAS 188229 
 Assist Bar for Arro Bed, Invacare 

 Assist Bar Handles  192367 
 Assist Bar Handles 

 Assist Hand Rails, Carrol Bed IHARRLAS 183485 
 Assist Hand Rails, Carrol Bed 

 Assist Hand Rails, Innerspring Frame  183363 
 Assist Hand Rails, Innerspring Frame 

 Assist Hand Rails, Pan Deck Frame  183364 
 Assist Hand Rails, Pan Deck Frame 

 Defined Perimeter Mattress Covers P5750 182388 
 Defined Perimeter Mattress Covers 

 Deluxe Full-View Guard Rail Pads P5605W 182389 
 Deluxe Full-View Guard Rail Pads 

 Full Side Rail Cover P5702 182583 
 Full Side Rail Cover 

 OVERBED TABLE P56700 205446 

 Side Rail Wedges  182649 
 Side Rail Wedges 

 Synthetic Sheepskin Bed Rail Pads  192037 
 Synthetic Sheepskin Bed Rail Pads 

 Trapeze Bar MD13009 182469 
 Trapeze Bar 

 Trapeze Base MD13017 182470 
 Trapeze Base 

 "T" Style Half Rails MD15021BV 182465 
 "T" Style Half Rails 

 Adjustable Width Half Length Bed Rail MD15208BV 182468 
 Adjustable Width Half Length Bed Rail 

 Half Length Siderail No-Gap Style MD15201BV 182466 
 Half Length Siderail No-Gap Style 

 Telescoping Full Length Side Rail MD15001ABV 182467 
 Telescoping Full Length Side Rail 

 Beveled Floor Cushion  241 
 Beveled Floor Cushion 

 Folding Floor Mat  240 
 Folding Floor Mat 

 Horseshoe Wedges P5730 182304 
 Horseshoe Wedges 

 Exit Alarm Floor Mat Sensor  182289 
 Exit Alarm Floor Mat Sensor 

 Low Overbed Table MD13081 182475 
 Low Overbed Table 

 Elastic Mesh Side Rail Protectors  182293 
 Elastic Mesh Side Rail Protectors 

 Heavy Duty/Bariatric Overbed Table MD13080 182474 
 Heavy Duty/Bariatric Overbed Table 

 Non-Tilt Overbed Table  182471 
 Non-Tilt Overbed Table 

 Soft Wedge Rails  182331 
 Soft Wedge Rails 

 Pivot & Tilt Overbed Table MD13000 182476 
 Pivot & Tilt Overbed Table 

 Anti-Roll Guards  182296 
 Anti-Roll Guards 

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