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Shower & Bathroom
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 Plastic Shampoo Unit CM1868 193965 
 Plastic Shampoo Unit 

 Bendable Sponges, Sammons Preston  100214 
 Bendable Sponges, Sammons Preston 

 Sponge Ease CM3130A 100038 
 Sponge Ease 

 Scrub Pals Sponge Brushes  176008 
 Scrub Pals Sponge Brushes 

 Bendable Bath Sponge BK559239 188733 
 Bendable Bath Sponge 

 Flexible Inspection Mirror BK6220 100228 
 Flexible Inspection Mirror 

 Flexible Para Inspection Mirror BK6221 100229 
 Flexible Para Inspection Mirror 

 Round Telescoping Self-Examination Mirror BK6217 192867 
 Round Telescoping Self-Examination Mirror 

 Telescopic Para Mirror KI92030 188735 
 Telescopic Para Mirror 

 Self-Standing Mirror AL8254 181430 
 Self-Standing Mirror 

 Clamp-On Adjustable Mirror F718000000 190466 
 Clamp-On Adjustable Mirror 

 Bottom Buddy KI92008 188732 
 Bottom Buddy 

 EasyWipe PA16B082A 188676 

 Long Handled Brushes and Combs  100241 
 Long Handled Brushes and Combs 

 Long Toilet Aids BK6219 181385 
 Long Toilet Aids 

 Self Wipe Toilet Aid F725062000 100039 
 Self Wipe Toilet Aid 

 Short Toilet Paper Aid AL8450 176084 
 Short Toilet Paper Aid 

 Swedish Toilet Aid PA16B081A 188675 
 Swedish Toilet Aid 

 Toilet Aid BKAA2650 100236 
 Toilet Aid 

 Cylindrical Foam Padding  100314 
 Cylindrical Foam Padding 

 Universal Holder BK557499 102196 
 Universal Holder 

 Weighted Universal Holder BK25042 100040 
 Weighted Universal Holder 

 Easy Out Tube Squeezer BK555355 100042 
 Easy Out Tube Squeezer 

 Toothpaste Dispenser BK3348 100041 
 Toothpaste Dispenser 

 One-Handed Denture Brush  176111 
 One-Handed Denture Brush 

 Diabetic Foot Care Kit  183307 
 Diabetic Foot Care Kit 

 Wash Mitts  182271 
 Wash Mitts 

 Padded Toilet Seat BK557450 100043 
 Padded Toilet Seat 

 SleepDri Budget Reusable Underpads  188250 
 SleepDri Budget Reusable Underpads 


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