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Dressing & Reaching
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 Door Knob Extender BK561590 193783 
 Door Knob Extender 

 Reacher E-Z Assist  193967 
 Reacher E-Z Assist 

 Button Hooks  100114 
 Button Hooks 

 Button Hooks with Zipper Pull  100122 
 Button Hooks with Zipper Pull 

 Zipper & Button Puller CM1065 100019 
 Zipper & Button Puller 

 Combination Button/Zipper Hook CM10627 192311 
 Combination Button/Zipper Hook 

 Standard Button Hook Aid KI30001 100017 
 Standard Button Hook Aid 

 18" Economy Shoehorn KI33025 192980 
 18" Economy Shoehorn 

 Shoe Horn, E-Z Slide  100161 
 Shoe Horn, E-Z Slide 

 Shoehorn, Swedish BK557439 100206 
 Shoehorn, Swedish 

 Long Plastic Shoehorn KI33012 192981 
 Long Plastic Shoehorn 

 Plastic Shoehorn KI33010 192968 
 Plastic Shoehorn 

 31" Unbreakable Plastic Shoehorn KI33031 192974 
 31" Unbreakable Plastic Shoehorn 

 20" Metallic Plastic Shoehorn KI33052 192196 
 20" Metallic Plastic Shoehorn 

 Easy Slider Shoehorn, Kinsman  192975 
 Easy Slider Shoehorn, Kinsman 

 Stainless Steel Shoehorn  192969 
 Stainless Steel Shoehorn 

 Folding Stocking Aid BK2082 186860 
 Folding Stocking Aid 

 Compression Stocking Aid  188660 
 Compression Stocking Aid 

 Heel Guide Compression Stocking Aid F738550000 188736 
 Heel Guide Compression Stocking Aid 

 Stocking Donner BK556918 100054 
 Stocking Donner 

 Plastic Sock and Stocking Aid BK2084 192169 
 Plastic Sock and Stocking Aid 

 Flat Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid  100146 
 Flat Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid 

 Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid  195857 
 Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid 

 Sock & Stocking Aid with Ridges  120097 
 Sock & Stocking Aid with Ridges 

 Sock-Eez Remover CM10557 192315 
 Sock-Eez Remover 

 Formed Sock Aid w/ Foam Grips KI32002 100024 
 Formed Sock Aid w/ Foam Grips 

 Sock Aid  120094 
 Sock Aid 

 Terry Covered Sock Aid KI32016 192967 
 Terry Covered Sock Aid 

 Sock Notch  102176 
 Sock Notch 

 Sock-N-Shoe Aid KI32021 100025 
 Sock-N-Shoe Aid 

 Deluxe Formed Sock Aid KI32005 188737 
 Deluxe Formed Sock Aid 

 Deluxe Terry Covered Sock Aid KI32017 192966 
 Deluxe Terry Covered Sock Aid 

 FootFunnel BK927691 100150 

 Lace Locks  188561 
 Lace Locks 

 Shoe Buttons  100186 
 Shoe Buttons 

 Shoelaces, Flex-O-Lace  100141 
 Shoelaces, Flex-O-Lace 

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